Airbury Academy

Airbury Academy is a comedy/drama comic series I created in early 2006. Set in a girls' preparatory school, it is a schoolyard youth-based drama with equal parts comedy and adventure, as it follows the girls' lives over the course of their one year at the prestigious school.

The series began out of my fascination with institutions – schools in particular – as well as a desire to create a comic based loosely on my own school experiences.

The series was inspired by the 1989 film Dead Poets Society –  I attended an all-boys high school with several similarities to the school in the film, as well as a year spent as a high school assistant English teacher in Japan – as well as my own travels to places like Hong Kong.

There are six volumes in this series, available in black and white softcover self-published editions, as of March 2019. They are aimed at readers aged 15 and above.

Airbury Academy Volume I
100 pages

Welcome to the Airbury Academy, an exclusive prep school for girls. Honour, tradition and lofty academic ideals are high on the agenda. Thankfully, Psyche and her best friend Erica aren't bothered about all that. Join them as they attempt to settle in and work hard, but end up getting revenge on womanizers, enduring teamwork exercises in the forest, watching others make fools of themselves – as well as a trip to the infamous Pond Of Death. It's the beginning of the best year of their lives!
Airbury Academy Volume II
106 pages

It's autumn at Airbury, and the girls are going exploring in a derelict block of classrooms that has stood unused for sixty years. What awaits them in Room 200, the ultimate hidden room? Who are the Argonauts and what are they doing on campus? Can roses help you win a cross-country run? And has a Roman emperor really come back to life? This book has the answers.
Airbury Academy Volume III
106 pages

In the lead-up to Festival Night, the Airbury girls have to resolve a few matters. Was their demure art teacher really once in a hell-raising rock band, and can Psyche really get away with using her younger sister as a stand-in? After a brief glimpse of Miss Evy's early life, the Student Council gets a new leader, and Jezebel finds herself under yet more stress. This one has the fireworks and more!
Airbury Academy Volume IV
148 pages

Come spend the winter term at Airbury, where Psyche tries to get into the drama society and ends up gatecrashing a talk show, Gertrude finds herself spokesmodel for a massively unhealthy burger, and the girls discover that a dearly-departed friend is still alive! But when Erica is forced to leave the school, it's up to her friends to get her back. Can they do it? 

Airbury Academy Volume V
144 pages

There's more trouble in store when Psyche and Erica lead an expedition to a mysterious island where a mass murder once took place, Erica finds out who anonymously paid her school fees and why, Maya learns the hard way about spying on couples, and the girls borrow Miss Evy's car to drive to a concert. Can they return the rattletrap in one piece?

Airbury Academy Volume VI
182 pages

All the adventures are about to come to an end as graduation looms. But before that, our girls must learn about an Airbury ghost, contend with visitors to their school festival, and endure a night at Jezebel's mansion. Then it's off to the graduation ceremony where they must pack up their memories and bid farewell to their friends.

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