September 15, 2011

Geeks In Space #27

Let's keep up posting these strips, I've got several more before we finally catch up to the present day, and then whoever's reading can sigh with relief that I'm done posting old stuff from two years ago. I actually thought hardly anyone was reading this blog, but then I remembered that the view count was in the high 3000s just before I went to Hong Kong, and is now in the high 4000s! So someone out there must be reading this, because I haven't been visiting my own page to up the view count – that sort of tomfoolery is reserved specifically for devoArt.

Anyway, this 'Geeks In Face' strip caused a sensation when it was posted on my old website a couple of years ago. There was rioting in the streets of London and whatnot. Okay, it didn't and there wasn't, but some pedant did pick me up on the "65 million users" thing at the time. I just plucked that number out of thin air; that's how many Fa(r)cebook users I thought there were. It turns out that it's closer to 300 trillion. Yet there aren't that many people in existence, so how is this possible. Well not too many people know this, but thousands of FB profiles are for people who don't exist. Perhaps someone should examine this in more detail?

Yes, maybe they should!

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