July 30, 2013

Scenes From Hong Kong III

It is really two years to the day since my first Hong Kong photo post? Well, yes it is. Now I'm back from my second trip to Hong Kong, which was just as good as the first, with more snapshots of urban life to share with you. Enough talk, let's get started.

A typical, and dare I say iconic, sight of Hong Kong harbour: one of the many junks that regularly cross the waters. Their red sails are something that sets off the scenery, day or night.

It's Pikachu! In a shirt and tie on a Canon advertising poster! Well, I think it is, anyway. The makers of Pokemon might think otherwise.

It's nice to see old-fashioned signage on store fronts in 2013, given the short turnaround time some of these shops have. I also like the idea of there being a "knitting factory". Is it a big room full of old women, knitting all the garments, wrapping them up tight, and sending them off to the Lee Kung Man Knitting Factory (H.K.) Ltd.?

Note that the Chinese characters for "Lee Kung Man" are written right-to-left – something that isn't too common these days.  

"I Resurrect The Destructed", proclaims this oddly-grammared advertisement. Well so do I, but you don't hear me bragging about it.

More HK fun next post.

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