December 24, 2010


I've just done (well, earlier this month) four new drawings of the main Airbury cast using a graphics tablet to render them all in a cel-like non-photorealistic style. It gives a nice effect to the backgrounds. The above is a composite image which I hashed together in 8 nanoseconds, but you can see the four individual drawings on that art gallery site with the puke-green backgrounds.

I don't know how long the comic will be on hiatus for, as it will be a long time before I finish writing any stories. Run out of ideas? No, quite the opposite, old paint. Too many. But problem is, how to take these story threads and spin them into a lengthy yarn, like yer granddad did when telling you about how he used to put porcupines down the back of his pants before getting the cane at boarding school – except the stupid bugger put 'em with the spines facing inwards. Cuh. Typical.

Anyway, a couple of people have asked me what Airbury Academy: Aluminium Edition is. No, it's not a comic drawn on sheets of tin-foil (although that would be pretty cool). The idea came to me when I was going through some old shite, er, sorry, precious archival material, and found a heap of old artwork that somehow survived my move interstate. So it's a PDF with old and unused artwork, rejected design ideas, sketchbook scraps, photos of turnips, stuff that was taken out and other fun stuff. It's like you're having a perv into someone's journal – which, in fact, you are.

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