January 1, 2011

I'm In Sydney

Happy New Year! I'm here in Sydney, and as expected, the city put on a massive fireworks show. 7500 kilograms of them. One and a half million people turned out to see it. We waited twelve and a half hours having staked out our position on a grassy patch close to the Harbour Bridge. Well worth the wait I'd say. In the next post I'll upload some photos I took, but unfortunately, I won't be able to upload the atmosphere of the night. Especially the way you think the sky is going to crack open with all that noise.

Aside from the festivities of 1/1/11, other things are happening which I hope to capture on film and get it uploaded. I managed to shoot a whole roll of film using the Lomo camera of just long exposure shots of fireworks. I managed to do two of these on New Year's Day last year and they turned out pretty good, so this time I decided to blow a whole roll on it. Why not?

Anyway, Sydney's awesome and I hope the start of 2011 was just as spectacular in your city. But it probably wasn't.

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