January 13, 2011


I've spent the last 16 days in Sydney, the longest trip there I have had so far. The following is a pictorial account of some of the highlights (that I had a camera in hand for). These are all digital shots; Lomographs to follow in a later post.

The Harbour Bridge on New Year's Eve. The theme for the night was 'Make Your Mark', and so the motif on the bridge was a giant X. It also changed to a smiley face, a hand, a tick and a peace sign, but I liked X best, as a theme for 2011.

Sparks shoot out from the bridge.

This, oddly enough, is the underside of the Harbour Bridge. I took the photo lying on the lawn underneath, looking up.

Bendy Em, a contortionist. She squeezed into this box, 43 centimetres square!

This artwork was one of many on display in the courthouse foyer. It's called Jar Heads by Sunderland College student Jessica Mills. The accompanying card says: "Slipcast lidded jars with underglaze colours". I like the one in orange – he looks a tad confused.

On January 5th, the bridge is still lit up with its 'hand' sign.

Vintage rock/blues trio Kitty, Daisy and Lewis performed on the first night of the Sydney Festival.

Festival First Night – the stage in The Domain.

Panoramic image of Bondi Beach. I'm 38th from left, in front of the randy Swedish backpackers.

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