April 8, 2011

Nirvana Comics

Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana frontman, has been gone for 17 years today. He was found dead at his Seattle home on April 8, 1994, as you probably know (that April 8 was a Friday, too). Many people are convinced, including me, that he didn't commit suicide but was in fact murdered – but that's another long story. Of course, there will eventually be a feature film based on Kurt's life, but what about comics?

There was a fan comic in the early '90s which Kurt ended up with a copy of (and probably Krist Novoselic and Dave Grohl too), but in 2003 a graphic novel was published entitled Godspeed, written by Barnaby Legg and Jim McCarthy and illustrated by Flameboy (aka Steve Beaumont). Although it is a retelling of Kurt's life, by no means is it intended to be fully factual. Flameboy's art depicts both scenes which Nirvana fans will find familiar, and those which require the reader to imagine. If you were at one of their gigs, so much the better, as in the panel below.

(© Legg/McCarthy/Flameboy)

To finish with here's a non-serious cartoon drawing I did of Nirvana two years ago. If you want a realistic depiction, go ask Flameboy!

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