April 15, 2011

One Year Already?

Today is the first anniversary of this blog, so I thought I'd post some cool stuff as well as the usual artwork. I'll begin with the artwork, so here's an illustration from the untitled third Juliet Prime hybrid comic (I'm still trying to write it, but it's progressing very slowly). It's an updated version of the Juliet's apartment picture. If you've seen the original, it's just her hair that's different.

Airbury Academy is still on hiatus after completing Volume III and Special Edition last year, but I'm still drawing the characters for fun and practise. Here's a piece of promo art featuring the character Natascha, mimicking that of the Battlestar Glactica spinoff series Caprica. The quote on the left isn't in the comic anywhere, but I'll put it in at some point.

Next is a page from Constantinople, my autobiographical comic about my uni years. This page introduces the character of Beardo Tech Dude. This was a guy who was serious about his work – maybe even too serious.

Packaging isn't a particular interest of mine but I like the design, colour and typeface on these Berri juice bottle labels. The die cut on them is a jagged edge, giving them a 'torn paper' effect.

The following pictures are from the Daniel Cunningham Collection Of Stuff What Came From Japan. As you know, my obsession with collecting little Japanese toys shows no sign of slowing and Dan's collection is off to a good start with these cup noodles, soft drinks and snacks.

Got yer, didn't I? The above items are actually erasers! Notice the detail: the white lids on the noodle bowls and the bottle caps are also erasers, and the two drink bottles (all 600ml bottles in Japan are that shape) have their own little shrink wrap. Too good to rub out pencil with, I think.

Meiji, a popular brand of chocolate in Japan. Eat this one and you'll break your teeth, or at least require a lot of prunes. It's a plastic puzzle. Unlike the food erasers, whose logos are meant to resemble actual products, the Meiji logo and packaging looks exactly like this. Below you can see light sabre chopsticks, a kit of blocks that form up into a bird, and the food erasers.

It's been a good first year on the blogwagon – the World Cup, Gorillaz, Sydney and the joys of crap photography. Thanks for stopping by, whether it's been from day 1 or day 365!


  1. Great job with the blog Pete! Keep up the good work. :)

  2. I will :) Thanks for being a regular visitor Chris!