June 8, 2011

China 5 Blog Has Moved

I logged in to the China 5 Blog to make a test comment and couldn't work out how to do it, so I called up MC Lychee and asked him how. He said you can't leave comments on Tumblr blogs, unless you muck about with Javascript, or unless the person who wants to comment is also on Tumblr or something.

Doh! Now he tells me!

I don't really like the idea of us talking to ourselves (after all blogging is supposed to be an interactive thing), so I was forced to move the entire thing to Blogger and allow certain others to access my Gmail! We apologize to anyone who wanted to comment on the new blog but couldn't; Lychee has duly been kicked in the face. The new blog address is:

Note the hyphen in the URL...yes, 'china5' was taken. By someone who only ever did one post. In 2004. With no content whatsoever.


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