July 1, 2011

Geeks In Space #20

The most controversial Geeks strip so far (apart from that earlier one about 50 Cent), as it features a real-life person. No, I didn't bother to change his name for the strip; no, he hasn't read it; and no, he hasn't come around to kick my head in. Yes, he actually said the things in the strip, and yes, this sequence was recycled for use in another comic (see below) because I thought it was pretty funny.

Constantinople is now 51 pages complete even though I haven't worked on it for ages (and the rest of the comics are on indefinite hiatus), it is taking shape quite well – the (true) events in it take place in random order and it jumps from one scene to another, though if you're a fan of moronic reality television this shouldn't bother you. The truth is I'm not completely willing to let anyone see it because they'll just think I made it all up, which is why you haven't seen much of it on here.

This will hopefully change however, once I decide to what extent the characters' designs differ from their real-life counterparts.

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