July 30, 2011

Scenes From Hong Kong I

I'm back from Hong Kong and have some things to share with you. It was a really enjoyable trip, and there were very few things about the country I didn't like. If the people are friendly (which they are in this case) then the trip is generally off to a good start. I was particularly interested in electronics, architecture, T-shirt designs and just general visuals in public places. Anyway, instead of lumping all the stuff in one post, I'll do a series of posts which should hopefully show you some interesting things.

A staggering array of magazines, many of which are devoted to technology. There are several about the iPhone 4 alone.

This installation is at Times Square, a huge shopping centre. You can't tell too easily but that's a black steam train. It's got Hogwarts Express written on it, whatever that is. The blue sign says London, Kings Cross. Beats me. Every teenage girl in HK was there that day, though.

The Hang Seng index, prominently displayed out front of the eponymous bank. Many people deal in stocks, so this info is critical. Looks like it's taken a hit here...

Are you a racecar nerd who's also into classical music? Then this piano design is for you. The car-like leather seat and aerodynamic bodywork will be perfect as you perform Beethoven's "Ecossaise" while fanging it around Causeway Bay. You'll need some bulldog clips for your sheet music though.

Bape (A Bathing Ape) is a Japanese clothing line and here is the front of HK's Bape store, with its three hooded pocketed-handed silverclones. What does it all mean?

Apartment blocks are a curious geometric patchwork, studded with air conditioners and draped with drying clothes.

More to come next time, you bet.

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