May 24, 2012

New Album Artwork

It's been a while since the last post, and there have been plenty of projects on the burner. But here is some almost-finished album artwork for two upcoming China 5 releases. The first is a CD called Galaxies, which features 15 songs taken from the band's early years, with their music re-sourced from digital recordings (as opposed to cassette) and the vocals re-recorded, with two old songs completely re-recorded. Sound cool? Well, it is. And it will.

Above is the artwork for it; the red 'X' refers to the Roman number 10, since it's for the band's 10th anniversary. I try to avoid the use of stock photography when possible, but I must admit that on this occasion I wasn't able to go into space to take a galaxy photo myself. What can I say, I had other things to do.

If hearing 15 old China 5 songs in brand-new crystal clear sound isn't enough for you, then there's also a new EP with some 'weird stuff' on it. It still needs a title, which explains why there is no title yet on the above artwork. Perhaps we'll stick the title on the skull's forehead. Perhaps the skull might be removed altogether. Who knows? Hard to say in this universe.

Since this blog is only about artwork, you might want to check out this corresponding post on the China 5 Blog if you wanna know more about the actual songs.

You still here?

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