May 28, 2012

Eurovision Infographic II

As we know, infographics is that small part of the Venn diagram where 'graphic designer' overlaps 'stats nerd'. Seeing as how I did a results map for the Eurovision Song Contest last year, I updated the same map for this year, the 57th Eurovision (as much as I hate using Illustrator) and here it is:

What's new? Two countries from last year (Poland and Armenia) didn't compete, and only two countries out of 42 managed to improve their previous best result: San Marino, 14th in the semifinal (previously 19th in the 2008 semifinal), and Albania, 5th (7th in 2004). Other than that, there's a bit of language shift. Seems like a few more countries opted to perform songs in their native language this year, which is good.

Well, that's your dose of infographics for this year (on this blog at least). Here's to not using Illustrator for another 12 months!

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