September 13, 2016

Old And New

Above is a photo of my workspace. Where I create comics. Where the 'magic happens', etc.

Truth to tell, it doesn't normally look like this. The desk is usually cluttered with papers, and there normally aren't two iMacs. I just took this photo for posterity since the older Mac (that's the one on the left, obviously) is going to get chucked out soon.

I got it in June 2007 as a present for my 29th birthday. I owned on that thing, dude. I did TAFE work, composed music, made podcasts, laid out magazine pages, edited home movies and drew comics with a tablet. It served me well until May 2013 when the hard drive gave up the ghost. Nearly six years of service ain't bad.

In June 2013 I bought the new Mac, on the right. Comparing the two, it seems hard to believe the 2007 Mac had the largest screen I ever used. But it's true.

Oh well, everything must be disposed of, in the end.

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