April 6, 2017

Viva La Causeway!

Wandering around the City of Melbourne on this typically balmy autumn evening I noticed a double banger of the street-sign variety. Someone out there really wants you to know that this nondescript alleyway is, in fact, called 'The Causeway'.

I used to live in Perth, for my sins, and over there there's a road called The Causeway, too. It's a road that leads into the city, and has several lanes, or something. It's not a tiny city backstreet for hobos and bums to have a slash in.

But! Be that as it may. This insignificant laneway has been bestowed an unusual honour by the people who erect street signage in the 3000 postcode. Not only does it have its authentic olde-tyme white-on-black rustic sign but also the new, government-approved white-on-blue one, with its new-fangled 'lower case' lettering.

Someone's takin' th' piss, yeh? I can't see why anyone would see fit to have two signs. What, is the old one too illegible? Did they think no one would believe that was the correct name?

All I'm saying is, the people who make the decisions that we all have to live by, are plonkers.

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