April 30, 2017

Homecooked Comics Mini-Market

Today was the Homecooked Comics Mini-Market for 2017. Whereas last year's event was held at the Town Hall in Northcote, due to issues with that venue, this year's event was scaled down and held instead at the Squishface comics studio (and adjoining studio space) in Victoria Street, Brunswick.

Despite the space constraints, we still had room enough for my books on sale, and those of SCAR, who couldn't attend due to other commitments.

Even though not as many people attended as customers, I still managed to make one sale and one for SCAR as well, which was satisfying.

Thanks to Sarah Howell and Ben Hutchings for hosting us on the day, and Cristian Roux for having a chat. It was great seeing the artwork of all these creators. See you next year! I'll post tomorrow about some sights we saw in Brunswick after the event finished.

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