May 14, 2017

Eurovision Infographic IV

Another Eurovision Song Contest done, and for the fourth time, here is my Eurovision stats map.

There were three countries that improved their previous best results this year. Bulgaria placed second and Moldova third (Moldova's song "Hey, Mamma!" was my personal favourite). And Portugal! They won for the first time in 49 attempts! Well done, Portugal. I always like it when a country wins that has never won before. This is the 20th Eurovision I have watched to date, and I have seen a country win for the first time on ten occasions: Estonia in 2001, Latvia in 2002, Turkey in 2003, Ukraine in 2004, Greece in 2005, Finland in 2006, Serbia in 2007, Russia in 2008, Azerbaijan in 2011 and now Portugal.

Highlights of the contest: Moldova's so called "epic sax guy"; Salvador Sobral performing the winning song at the end with his sister Luisa, who'd written it; and Katrina Leskanich (the UK jury spokesperson) telling the hosts that she won Eurovision for the UK in 1997, to which host Volodymyr Ostapchuk told his co-host Oleksandr Skichko that 1997 was the year he (Oleksandr) was born (actually it isn't, he was born in 1991. Phew! I felt really old for a moment there).

And the winning song was performed in the country's native language, for the first time since 2007!
About time, I say.

Lowlights: Israel's possible withdrawal from the Contest permanently; and that moronic prat who bared his spotty backside on stage during the voting performance by Jamala while wearing an Australian flag.

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