June 6, 2012


After a month short of five years of loyal service, my Mac has suddenly (although it would be nice if you got prior warning for this sort of thing) decided to have a meltdown and develop hard disk damage. At the moment I'm facing losing the entire hard disk's contents, if it comes to me having to erase and reformat it. So while I'm spending my days backing up files, do me a favour and get that page count up to 8000! Go on, do it just to please me. And this goes without saying, but expect delayed postings on this blog for a while – don't worry, I'll be back. The blog-o-sphere can't contain the Birdman, etc.

(By the way, anyone know when the new iMacs are coming out? I heard June or July 2012, and it's June or July 2012 now, so...)

Despite my filebackuppage however, I will definitely lose my carefully time-dated photos in iPhoto (but stuff using that from now on) and, worse still, my iTunes play counts. So for posterity here's a screencap of my final iTunes Top 30 Most Played. I REGRET NOTHING!

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