May 31, 2010

Quit Facebook Day

In 1942, Gandhi put out his famous call to quit Facebook. Well, not really. Just change '1942' to '2010' and Gandhi to about 20,000 jaded youths who just don't give a stuff anymore.

Today is Quit Facebook Day. Sorry, all you 20,000 jaded youths, but I'm way ahead of you. I quit a month ago. I was on there from November 2007 to April 2010. I only joined it in the first place to keep in touch with someone overseas who probably kept in contact with me for about a month. I never wanted to know someone's quiz results on which Sailor Moon character they're most like, or see pictures of people chundering into a Hello Kitty biscuit tin, or know exactly who's riding the porcelain pony due to agonizing diarrhoea at this particular moment in time.

As a way of keeping tabs on people, it's great, but as a way of keeping in touch, it sucks. Once you're locked in and making up the numbers on someone's friends list, you might never hear from them again. They'll just trawl through your profile or pay passive attention to your updates in lieu of actual one-on-one communication. So if you're wondering if you should quit, then I say do it. Send email or write a letter instead, or – dare I say it – have a face-to-face conversation!

But enough about that...wanna see my deviantArt gallery?

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